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MyZilla 1.2 launched!

After several months of receiving community feedback, a new release of MyZilla is finally available. Thanks everyone for their input - we hope this release fixes many of the problems reported.

Here’s a short list of what’s new in MyZilla 1.2:


  • Http basic authentication implemented.
  • Access bugzilla server configured on different port that the standar one.
  • For unknown file types, open with window is shown (for attachment and export files).
  • Attachment icon column added to the query results grid.
  • Attachment list accesible from the bug preview pane.
  • Menu option for checking new MyZilla version.
  • Enhanced search for bugs(search criteria using any of the bugzilla fields).
  • MailTo functinality for the asignee and reporter fields.

Some of the bug fixes in 1.2

  • CC and assignedTo list were not accesible in certain bugzilla configurations.
  • Character encoding was not properly handled. National specific characters were not properly send to the bugzilla server.
  • Some fields were not retrived and displayed in search grid.
  • Exporting failed when due to width of the page.
  • Date format fields not always correct handled.
  • many more

2 Responses to “MyZilla 1.2 launched!”

  1. Martin Picon Says:

    CC and assignedTo list were not accesible in certain bugzilla configurations.

    Does this mean that the above does not work for certain versions, or that it has been fixed?

    I am currently interfacing with bugzilla version 2.20 and i am having issues with the CC line value being dropped.

  2. Emad Ahmed Says:

    when i use MyZilla 1.2.515 with bugzilla 3.4.1, i dont get any columns except bug_id
    however, with other bugzilla versions (such as 3.0.6) it works perfectly
    any comments?